I Love LG!

In Fair Packaging we treat every order which goes beyond our standard product range as an opportunity. Being creative and fond of challenges, we are able to overcome barriers in order to achieve goals which are not available for other manufacturers. That was also the case of project named “I love LG!”, in which we developed and produced strenghten weld that meets the needs of transporting delicate electrical elements for one of the leading consumer electronics producers.

“Project “I love LG!” involved providing stronger welds for our Client. The idea came from the need to overcome technological limits in production. It was our first project of that kind, during which my R&D department was working in close cooperation with manufacture and Customer Service department. If not for that cooperation, we wouldn’t be able to success.  It was not only a challenge in the matter of technology or quality but also a test for our teamwork. We learned that together we can overcome all limitations.”
[Estera, R&D Manager]