Need to protect your product in transportation?

We are protective packaging manufacturer of foamed polyethylene with proven track record serving industry leaders from electronic, automotive, white goods and furniture business.

tire packed in a protective rectangular packaging with opening on blue background - created by FairPackeging

Foamed polyethylene packaging protects against:

scratches damage during transport moisture, including sea moisture

Clients who have audited our process and product quality

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Company logo with a smiley face made of LG letters, next to it gray LG Display lettering
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company logo in big blue letters with a cursive E. DELL
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Company logo created from printed red letters. SHARP
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What functions do our products perform?

rectangular PC monitor with a white screen on blue background
Protection against scratch

E.g. TV screens

front of silver car rim on blue background
Protection against damage

E.g. alloy wheels, car parts, car parts

silver and black laptop with white screen on blue background
Protection against moisture

E.g. electronics during transport

blue two-seater sofa on legs on blue background
Protection sensitive products

white goods appliances, furniture

We work in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standards

ISO quality certificate valid until Nov 19, 2023 with a maroon stripe on the left side- Fair Packeging

Secure supply chain - orders made to stock

A middle-aged man in a uniform sitting at a desk with a computer during the quality control process
In-process quality control
foam protective film, in the background a middle-aged woman wrapping a rectangular object in it
Your packaging products on our stock - to secure your undisturbed manufacturing process
two rolls of pink film on a cart behind a man with a mustache working in a warehouse
Full customisation of the product!
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Initial quote

We care about your time, so contact us and you will get an initial quote within 48 hours.

High quality for your packaging
Offer in 8 working hours

Let us tailor the product perfectly to your needs. Together, let’s consider the best packaging solution for your business.

Our products keep their parameters
Prototype product testing

Each prototype is subject to detailed testing and functional verification in our lab facility.

smeared vehicle while carrying protective foam passing through warehouse
Emergency delivery on demand

Your problem is our problem. We try to follow old saying: we do impossible things right away for miracle you have to wait a while.

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