Fair Packaging began its comercial activity in 2003.
During more than 14 years we became a widely known PE foam producer in packaging industry, delivering the best high end products, offering professional advisory and guaranteeing the best Customer service.
Today we are trustworthy business partner for many leading automotive, electronics and furniture manufacturers.
Our company is strongly oriented towards quality. To assure it, we launched high-tech research laboratory on the premises of our facory in Buszewo, where we are regulary testing all of our  products according to European industry standards.

We have strong production facility, which efficiency is measured by millions of square meters per year.
Since we have strongly developed R&D department we are able to constantly improve our products and to elaborate new, innovative materials.
Thanks to EU funds we invest in technical development to equal with higher and higher needs of our Clients in terms of technology as well as quality. To stay the lider in the industry we adhere to philosophy of constant perfecting in every single area of our organisation, which is a key in terms of transparency and quality in business relations.