Edge insulation strips

Product description:

Edge insulation strips by Fair Underlay are made of non-crosslinked polyethylene foam. Thanks to their properties, they eliminate the harmful effects of concrete subfloor motions and stresses that can lead to cracks on the surface.


Dilatation layer between walls and floors in single- or multi-family housing as well as in public utility buildings and general construction such as pavements or bridges.

Product advantages:

  • universal application
  • easy assembly
  • facilitates optimal thermal and acoustic insulation
  • resistance to moisture
  • subfloor tensions elimination
  • cracks prevention
  • limitation of thermal losses


1. Choose the right product variant bearing in mind application and practicality

2. Place the strip vertically to create the most sealed connection

3. If necessary, the excess product should be torn off or cut off

Technical parameters:


Collective packaging 7 rolls with 25 or 50 lm in a bag.
FTL: 60 000 lm.
Material thickness tolerance: 6,5 – 8,5 mm
Length tolerance: 0,5%

Download flyer:

flyer Edge Insulation Strips ENG 11-2018