Production of PE foam sheets, laminates and non-woven

We have the technology of processing produced and used materials according to Clients demands, in order to adjust them to expected usability. Cut to the form package materials are used in a number of trades, from industry to agriculture.

Sheet production is done by cutting the intermediate in the form of a roll to formats of a certain size.

All kinds of protecting and shielding separators are available in many variants. Fair Packaging manufactures separators made of foamed polyethylene with the possibility of single or double-sided lamination with HDPE foil. Separators that need thicker foil can be coated with LDPE foil of any color. We also produce separators made of non-woven of the selected weight with the possibility of laminating with foil. On both foam and foil, we can overprint anything according to the example provided by the Client.