Production of laminated and foam bags

Fair Packaging specializes in producing bags out of PE foam laminated with HDPE/LDPE foil (inside or outside). Bags can also be produced from the foam only or bubble wrap, which can be laminated with metalized foil. We can overprint anything on the foam or foil according to the template delivered by Client. Every bag is adjusted to Clients needs in terms of size and thickness. We provide bags that are repeatable and controlled on every stage of production for such industries as automotive, furniture, electronics, electronics home appliances and many more.

Raw materials used in the manufacturing of bags are mostly:

  • PE foam,
  • PE foam laminated with HDPE, LDPE foils or metalized foils PET,
  • HDPE and LDPE foils,
  • Metallized PET foils,

Production of a bag is about joining together sheets in a process of contact welding in such a way to achieve the required packaging shape.