Know-how & teamwork

People are the strength of Fair Packaging. People with many years of experience. People who make up a team for which nothing is impossible. Thanks to full synergy and being open for new challenges, we achieve successes even in seemingly unenforceable projects. Our innovative packaging manufacturing system, that leaves no marks on precisely made electronic elements allowed our Client to become independent from a Japanese packaging supplier, what meant for us, that we became the only company in Europe that manufactures that technologically advanced materials.

“An order from a manufacturer of high-quality LCD screens was a big challenge for us. To meet it, we developed a special mixture of polymers used in the production of polyethylene foam, that eliminated the formation of microscopic oil particles. That substance, invisible for a bare eye, appears on the surface of every polyethylene foam during manufacturing. Eliminating those particles was crucial for our Client because the foam was going to be used for protecting the highest quality optical discs used in LCD screens. Every oily contamination of the disc would cause its rejection during quality control. Another motivation for us was the fact, that no other manufacturer in Europe was able to produce such foams. We’ve fully met the challenge.”
[Tomasz, Production Manager]