Our own recycling department

In Fair Packaging, we focus on pro-ecological production and responsible waste management. For that purpose, we created an autonomous recycling department.
There are separate areas for intermediate storage of production waste, that are generated especially during starting and stopping production lines, but also during restrictive quality control. Main sources of waste are an extrusion of materials, pouring, lamination or advanced processing (f.e. perforation). We also process packagings of intermediates and raw materials of external origin.
Before being processed, foam waste goes through precise sorting by color and then through initial degassing. Laminate waste is sorted by its composition: PE+HDPE, PE+LDPE, PE+ Metallized PP, PE+ Metallized PET.
Recycling department processes 100% of our production waste and external packaging waste while still having over 30% spare capacity for processing external waste within the services of collecting and recycling plastic waste.
During the recycling process, we use agglomeration of foams and foils as well as regranulation of foams and agglomerates mixtures.

Agglomeration process, which runs at up to 160 kg/h, is used to reduce the volume of waste and to bring the agglomerate to the exact composition of the mixtures, which are used in further production. The efficiency of the regranulating lines runs at up to 140 kg/h. We produce regranulates in professional lines, using two cascade extruders while also degassing and filtration of extruded material. The degree of filtration is adjusted to the current needs. By default, we use filters of density so-called mesh 100 or mesh 90.

“Thanks to the common effort we created a professional recycling department from a scratch, which is made up by professionally trained staff. Recycling department is an indispensable part of any manufacturing company. Today, recycling has a very important function in improving efficiency as well as providing smooth operation of the company. I’m convinced that in the near future recycling department will develop even more, creating more and more opportunities.”
[Sławek, Recycling Department Manager]