Procedures and experience

During Customer Service every element must be perfected. There is no place for mistakes also during the final stage, which is loading the goods. That’s why right procedures and consistency in adhering to them are so important. It shows that the most important factor are employees – without experienced and engaged people, procedures are worthless. There are no anonymous loads. Every worker knows, for whom is currently loaded cargo. Every single palette is controlled and evidenced, and every load is supervised. Whe know, that even one mistake can foul up all the work done and shake up the customer’s trust.

“When we load the goods, drivers often want to immediatly begin shipping. I always watch over the cargo, so everythig is right according to procerdures. That’s my duty and I treat it seriously. I know that mistakes cannot happen. In Fair Packaging we all work for Customers opinions, because if they are pleased with our service, they will continue to buy products from us, instead of our competitors.”

[Bartek, Warehouse coordinator]